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Your Payslip Explained


As an employee of Plus Us Medical Care Services Limited, each time +Us receives payment for the work that you have done we will calculate your taxable pay and pay that amount into your bank account.

At the same time, we will send you a document which includes your payslip and a schedule showing you how your pay has been calculated. A copy of your payslip will be stored in the document storage/payroll section of your Connect site for safekeeping.

An example of this document is shown below and is referenced to the guidance notes.


Your payslip is broken down to show your Gross Taxable Pay, Deductions / Adjustments and Additional Information. The content of each of these are explained below.


This is the element of the amount you have been paid by +Us which is subject to Income Tax and Employees National Insurance. Your Gross Taxable pay is made up of a Commission Payment, an Hourly Rate Payment and a Holiday Pay allowance (each of which are explained in more detail in section C below).


These are deductions which have been made from your Gross Taxable pay which include income tax, Employees National Insurance and any personal pension contributions you have made to the +Us Pension Scheme. There may be other deductions which we, as your employer, have to make from your pay which include student loans payments or attachment of earnings, for example.


This details the information we have used to calculate your pay and adjustments. Your pay period is the relevant pay week and the year in question.

Your tax code represents the amount of pay you can earn before you pay tax. It is generally based on your personal allowance. The standard personal allowance for 2018/19 is £11,850, which equates to a 1185L code. There may be reasons why your tax code is different, for example, you may have used your personal allowance against another employment. Total hours worked as advised.

Your NI letter is determined by your employee group. Category A is a standard category for all employees apart from NI letters which cover other age groups, who are above the pensionable age or under 21, for example. This section also shows you the total amount paid into your bank account for the period in question (see section B below).